FRIGID FAB Minute: Nicole Pandolfo

Nicole Pandolfo’s one-woman show, Love In The Time Of Chlamydiawill be showing at this year’s FRIGID New York Festival. Nicole stopped by the FAB Cafe to chat about her show with FABnyc. The show follows one woman’s search for love in a world full of absent dads, dirtbag boyfriends, and premature ejaculators. Is it possible?!

Find out more in our interview below…

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Showtimes for Love in the Time Of Chlamydia:

Feb 23, 10:30PM
Feb 25, 4:00PM
Feb 26, 4:00PM
Feb 29, 6:00PM
Mar 04, 5:30PM


FRIGID FAB Minute: Cyndi Freeman and Brad Lawrence

Cyndi Freeman and Brad Lawrence star in Scratch & Pitz Burlesque & Variety Hour as part of FRIGID New York 2012 Festival. The seductive duo bring you some of the city’s finest burlesque, variety and comedy talent in a variety show filled with entertainment. Be sure to watch Scratch convince Pitz to sell her soul in exchange for a duet act.

Check out their FAB Minute interview in the FAB Cafe (and remember, all FRIGID audiences and participants get a 10% discount at the cafe, so come by with your program to redeem!).

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Stay tuned for more FRIGID FAB Minutes coming soon…

Showtimes for Scratch & Pitz:

Feb 23, 10:30PM
Feb 26, 7:00PM
Feb 29, 10:30PM
Mar 02, 4:00PM
Mar 03, 8:30PM

FRIGID FAB Mintute: Ricky Dunlop

The much awaited FRIGID FAB Minutes kick off today with Missed Connections!

Ricky Dunlop scowered Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” to compile the best posts for his new show featured in this year’s FRIGID New York FestivalMissed Connections: An Exploration Into The Online Postings of Desperate Romantics peruses the sometimes touching, sometimes torrid (and almost always grammatically incorrect) postings on Craigslist’s most notorious section, as Dunlop’s actor friends read the posts out loud. Maybe even invite an audience participant! Find out more in our interview below.

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All FRIGID FAB Minutes are filmed in the FAB Cafe, if you’re a FRIGID audience member or presenter, stop by with your program to redeem a 10% discount!

Showtimes for Missed Connections:

Feb 22, 7:30PM
Feb 25, 7:00PM
Feb 27, 6:00PM
Mar 01, 10:30PM
Mar 04, 1:00PM

FAB Minute – Erosion A Fable by The Loom Ensemble!

FABnyc had the pleasure of sitting down with Director Tomi Tsunoda in the FAB Cafe to discuss the world premiere of Erosion: A Fable by the Loom Ensemble.

Tomi beautifully describes the work and process of the Loom Ensemble in developing Erosion: A Fable. The production involves music, dance, traditional storytelling, and live instrumentation onstage (we’ve even seen some of the unique instruments they’re working with)! Learn more by watching the the FAB Minute below…

YouTube Preview Image

And find out even more about the performance by watching the trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

Erosion: A Fable runs 2/17 – 2/26 at La MaMa (The Club).

Synopsis Via La MaMa….

Loom is a 10 person ensemble that weaves together full-body movement, dense vocal harmonies, and text-based storytelling to make lush, vibrant ensemble performances. At its core, our mission is to use equal parts dance, music and theatre to nourish a sense of basic delight in our selves and our audiences.

In Erosion: a Fable, we see the familiar world of corporate desk jobs through a surprising aesthetic lens. A homeless woman and a mid-level office exec begin selling dirt on the street and calling it Love. In this LaMama 50th Anniversary Season Premeire, Loom uses their signature palette of athletic dances, intricate vocal compositions, and traditional storytelling techniques to stage a story of corporate competition, environmental catastrophe and personal transformation.”

Guest Blog: ArtUp on East 4th

ArtUp Scaffolding Bridge Installation by Harumi Ori

You’re walking down East 4th Street between 2nd Avenue and Bowery, and something catches your eye that breaks your New Yorker stride, an impressive feat considering we’re the fastest walkers in the country.

Maybe you see one of East 4th Street’s several theaters and recall that you’re in Manhattan’s only official cultural district. Maybe you notice that you’re in a neighborhood in transition – East 4th Street between 2nd Avenue and Bowery is no stranger to construction and development. Or maybe, if you happen to be on the north side of 4th Street, you’ll look up and see one of FABnyc’s ArtUp sites, a scaffolding bridge at 70 East 4th Street Cultural Center.

The scaffolding bridge has hosted a variety of engaging, attention grabbing, and temporary public art exhibitions. The building, which is the future home of Downtown Art and Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company, has been under construction for the last 7 years. The project was started based on community feedback regarding the changing appearance of the block and was launched in an effort to improve visual access to a currently vacant space. ArtUp continues to involve community members by including them in the installation process and by exhibiting art outside of the confines of a gallery space. It is essential to carefully consider how artwork will function on a scaffolding bridge where viewing is easily disrupted by the changing environment. A site located approximately 14 feet above ground and best viewed in passing, the scaffolding bridge poses a curatorial challenge, but FABnyc rises to the occasion by carefully selecting exhibitions by terrific, talented, and typically New York-based artists.

Kick-line by Ryan Cronin - Another Scaffolding Bridge Installation

Although East 4th Street received its official title of Cultural District in 2001, new artistic endeavors have continued to arise quite regularly on the block. Its ongoing transition into an increasingly more cultural street impacts the kind of people who walk past the scaffolding bridge. Creative types are some of the most frequent passersby, and I was surprised to randomly encounter so many people walking or standing on the street who were directly involved with ArtUp in some capacity.

FABnyc does wonders for the social networks of those involved in ArtUp projects by bringing people together who may not otherwise interact and creating a truly collaborative exhibition process. Especially at night, there are a lot of crowds on the block due to the many performances and the vast array of nightlife in the area. By exhibiting in public, FABnyc attracts an already present audience made up of members of the neighborhood and general public. FABnyc does a service to locals and tourists alike by beautifying the neighborhood and utilizing an otherwise vacant space to provide opportunities for up-and-coming artists. FABnyc’s transformation of the scaffolding bridge at 70 East 4thStreet into a platform for art exhibitions is a definite asset to the community and is clearly valued by those who live or work close by.

- Written by Jessica Scherlag

Jessica Scherlag is a graduate student at NYU and will be receiving her Master’s degree in Visual Arts Administration in May 2012. Jessica is inspired by great public art and building social capital in communities. A resident of the East Village, her interest in FABnyc was ignited by frequent strolls past FABnyc’s exciting public art exhibitions.

FAB Minute with Steel Neal – Artmerica Starts in the East Village

Steel Neal, Fourth Arts Block‘s favorite Local 40 Union Ironworker / Artist, sat down with us for a FAB Minute to chat about the Kickstarter campaign for his TV series, Artmerica!

YouTube Preview Image

If you haven’t checked out the series trailer, you’re in for a treat! Read more about the series below, and show your love for art in America by supporting the project:

“Artmerica with Steel Neal aims to discover and uncover the unique individuals and original thinkers that are making the world a better place by creating the world around them [. . .] Steel Neal is a charismatic New Yorker who has achieved notoriety from his artistic endeavors and is on a quest to find more like minded makers of art and bring their stories to a broader audience. His passion for inspiration will take us to the far reaches of the creative mind where the unknown possibilities of the human experience are just a dream away.”


Beer Sessions Radio!

Beer lovers know that the craft of beer is an art in and of itself. Tomorrow, you can learn more by tuning into Beer Sessions Radio!

“Every Tuesday at 5:00 PM, New York City publican Jimmy Carbone plays host to an audio ale salon celebrating the world of craft beer. Through discussions with beer industry insiders and knowledgeable beer fans from across the country, Jimmy and his friends explore every aspect of the brewer’s craft from grains to pint glass and tasting to toasting [Read more].” Stop by Jimmy’s No. 43 to try artfully crafted beers first hand!

FABnyc gives a BIG thanks to Jimmy’s No. 43 for generously hosting FABnyc’s volunteer party on February 11th!

And speaking of events, Jimmy’s always has a lot going on, so be sure to check out their website for upcoming happenings you can enjoy…

Experience AFRAZZ at Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Multi/percussionist and producer, Ronnie Roc brings together an eclectic array of skilled musicianship to present the music of AFRAZZ at Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Bridging the musically rich tradition of West African & Afro-Caribbean rhythms to jazz standards and originals, AFRAZZ delivers traditional jazz melody and improvisation with the spice of polyrhythmic flavor. Tickets are $10

Figuratively Speaking at Wow Cafe Theater

Which East Village show has got nerve and verve? Which East Village show won Best Box Office at the San Francisco Fringe Festival of 2011?


In this striking solo performance, the audience is privy to the protagonist, a fine art model, posing for the artists who sketch her. But the muse is quickly reframed as the creator as she offers personal accounts of her life and work, and her influence in the Figurative Art sphere.
Come and see this colorful memoir at the Wow Café Theater at 59-61 E. 4th St. between Bowery and 2nd Ave.

The show is playing February 24-25 at 8:00 P.M. and February 26th at 2:00 P.M.

Written by Molly Kirschner

2012 EMERGENYC Program Accepting Applicants


Are you an artivist?
The Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics at NYU is calling applicants for the 2012 EMERGENYC program. This yearly workshop trains young artists who believe in activist performance as a catalyst for social change, within the eclectic and vibrant New York City culture. The program will consist of classes with artists and scholars, and will culminate in a public performance and a talk-back. Apply by 5pm on Monday, February 20, 2012 to join the fourth annual political theatre workshop, and exercise both your talent and your freedom of expression!