FAB Deal: $5 Off The Neo-Futurists!

The latest FAB Deal offers $5 off tickets to  The Complete and Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O’Neill by The Neo-Futurists! This highly-anticipated performance is not to be missed. The New York Times describes it as “An impish illustration of how lively entertainment can be created from theatrical spare parts.”. In order to use the FAB Deal, be sure to use discount code EUGSTD when purchasing tickets.




Menders Renders Mending Wall – by Flux Theater Company


Love to get lost in Robert Frost? Come see “Mending Wall” rendered on stage in Menders, a production by Flux Theatre Ensemble, playing at 243 Thompson Street.

This classic dystopian show takes place in a world post-poetry, in an isolated community. It is the story of two precocious cousins who learn the secrets of the past through the stories of their supervisor. As these stories of winged women and starcatchers take shape and penetrate reality, the young female protagonist struggles between what she is allowed to know and what she wants to discover.

Still more she struggles between duty and loyalty. “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall/ That wants it down.” (“Mending Wall,” by Robert Frost)

By Molly Kirschner

Culture Nosh Countdown: Mama’s Food Shop

The East Village has always felt like home. Maybe it’s the public art work, or maybe it’s bustling St. Marks Place…

Or maybe it’s the taste of home-cooked food found in Mama’s Food Shop, on 200 E. 3rd St. between Avenues A & B.

Thursday, January 26th at 7 P.M. is the East Village Eats: Culture Nosh, and Mama’s Food Shop is sure to be a top spot for your palate; you’ll find everything delicious from the entrée to the salad. There is enough variety on the menu to serve a large party, and both vegetable and meat options are savory, hearty, and created from seasonal and local ingredients.

Those in Brooklyn, have no fear! Skip the trip, and visit Mama’s newly opened spot in Williamsburg

For a fulfilling culinary experience, treat your best buds and your taste buds to Mama’s Food Shop!

Written by Molly Kirchner

Edited by Hannah Krafcik

Photos by Elene Mekete

Culture Nosh Countdown: Hecho en Dumbo

In anticipation of East Village Eats: Culture Nosh, FABnyc is spotlighting the three cuisines featured in this chef demonstration and tasting. We commence our tour with the beautiful Hecho en Dumbo, located at 354 Bowery, between Great Jones and East 4th Street.
How would you like to experience one of “The 2011 best things to eat in New York”? It’s totally possible if you’ll be around for Culture Nosh to witness the culinary talent of Danny Mena, Chef-Owner of Hecho en Dumbo. Got a lot of “little cravings”? Chef Danny Mena has a special menu of antojitos that’ll get your mouth raving. Ensconce yourself in the modern Mexican ambiance at Hecho en Dumbo. Neither you, nor your senses will regret it!


And while you are in the neighborhood, drop by the newly opened Salón Hecho—a cantina and performance space located next to the restaurant at 356 Bowery—for an appeasing combination of classic New York cocktails and urban Mexican atmosphere. The Salón’s celebratory Thursday-night series of live performances from Mexico City, Tijuana, San Juan, and Guadalajara is sure to enliven your spirit….Until next time, stay tuned for more East Village Eats!
Written by Molly Kirschner
Edited by Hannah Krafcik
Photography by Elene Mekete

Fab Minute: Andy Bichlbaum of The Yes Men

FABnyc had the opportunity to sit down with Andy Bichlbaum of renowned activist duo The Yes Men this week!

Andy explained his latest endeavour, The Yes Lab, which is housed at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, another great non-profit in our community. Watch the video below to find out more and see how you can get involved.

YouTube Preview Image

To learn more about The Yes Lab, click here!

Stopped Bridge of Dreams – a New Year Deal from La MaMa E.T.C.

La MaMa E.T.C. wishes all of you a Happy New Year…

…and to celebrate, they’re offering a special FAB Deal for the forthcoming production of Stopped Bridge of Dreams!

Get $5 tickets to see performances on 1/20 & 1/21 @ 7:30PM, 1/22 @ 2:30PM, & 1/25 @ 7:30PM.

You won’t want to miss this multimedia theatrical experience that offers an intriguing exploration of contemporary life. Check out this trailer, and read more about the performance below.

“John Jesurun’s Stopped Bridge of Dreams unfolds inside an anonymous globe-circulating jetliner – a modern age pleasure palace operated by a mother and son. Inspired by 17th Century Japanese writer, Saikaku Ihara’s “floating world” stories, Stopped Bridge of Dreams features a variable nightly series of revolving playlets and characters. Jesurun weaves text, video, music and live internet feeds to reflect the anxiety of spiritual and sexual dislocation of contemporary life. Featuring Obie-winning actress Black-Eyed Susan.”

Get Literary with the Horatio Alger Festival

Horatio Alger

The Metropolitan Playhouse honors one of America’s influential writers, Horatio Alger, with a theater festival featuring plays that draw from this great artist’s life and work. One-act plays and full length performances piece together the legendary Horatio Alger, known as the father of the staple American “rags to riches” story, which plays such a prominent role in American culture.

Come be inspired by this seventh annual Living Literature Festival, and gain insight on some of the more obscure Alger stories (albeit with a creative twist) January 16 – 29th. All performances take place at 9th Space, 150 East 9th St.

Written by Alec Mateo


Guest Blog by Paul McLean, co-organizer of Occupy with Art

Happy New Year! Occupy with Art, ringing in 2012, has several projects we’d like to share with East Village Arts.

First, OwA is launching our collaboration with Yoko Ono this Saturday at 1PM in Liberty Square. If you are familiar with Ms. Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower and Wish Tree Projects, then you will have a general idea of this project. We will hold a brief press conference announcing the distribution of 10,000 cards with a Wish message from Ms. Ono in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, after which OwA will be facilitating the free dissemination of these unique conceptual text-artworks here in New York City and beyond. We would like to send a few cards to every Occupation in the world, if that’s possible.

Second, we are working on “Wall Street to Main Street,” a 3-month arts and culture project located in Catskill, NY. We are partnering with a team of coordinators in the Hudson River Valley, headed by Fawn Potash, artist and faculty member at New York City’s School of the Visual Arts, and Geno Rodriquez, formerly the director of the Alternative Museum in New York City. Our project is supported by the Greene County Council on the Arts, in conjunction with their program Masters on Main Street (administered and curated by Potash). Wall Street to Main Street will consist of exhibits, installations, performances, panel discussions, projections, screenings, radio broadcasts, music and more, taking place in storefront spaces on Catskill’s Main Street, and in satellite venues nearby. OwA just released an international Call for Entries and Proposals (see links below), and 99%/Occupy artists are especially encouraged to submit. The deadline for submissions is February 1. Wall Street to Main Street will open March 17 and run through May.


Third, Occupy with Art is partnering with the Hemispheric Institute of NYU to present Low Lives: Occupy!, a special event featuring livestreaming video and performance, slated for March 3rd. Low Lives is an innovative new media platform that for the past three years has worked with dozens of artists and venues around the world to produce compelling 99% art. The Low Lives selection team (Jorge Rojas, Christina deRoos, and Juan Obando) is committed to diverse voices and an international cultural community, making the partnership with the Hemispheric Institute a natural fit. Just last week we learned that Mark Read of N17 “99% Bat Signal” fame has signed on to participate in LL:O as both a performer and presenter. The OwA site will serve as a clearinghouse for info and documentation on the project as it evolves. We are soliciting Calls for Entries and Proposals (see link below) from performance artists and presenters right now, which, is available on the OwA websites, and also on the Low Lives and Hemispheric Institute sites.


Finally, a brief mention of a 4th project: CO-OP/Occuburbs, which will be situated in Huntington, NY (Long Island), and is being coordinated by Christopher Moylan there. We are establishing programming for screenings and exhibits with the Cinema Arts Center and BJ Spoke Gallery, and others. At this point, the impetus of this project is to develop an alternate 99% art economy modeled on and inspired by the co-op food and small farm networks, and integrated directly with them. Chris has penned two great essays, soon to be published in the Brooklyn Rail, now posted on the OwA site, which we’re using as a platform or point of origin for an exciting exploration of what it means to Occupy in the suburbs and how the linking of beautiful 99% food and art might offer a brighter future for our communities.

It’s our hope that East Village artists and art organizations will join with us to create great 99% art in 2012! Please contact us at occupywithartNY@gmail.com, if you’d like to learn more about how we can work together.

- Paul McLean, co-organizer of Occupy with Art (formerly Occupennial)

Under the Radar at La MaMa E.T.C. – Only 4 Days Remaining!

Are you looking to experience a plethora of beautiful performances from around the globe, featuring originality and culture that will leave you speechless? Then you can’t afford to miss out on the last four days of Under the Radar Festival! The festival showcases work from up-and-coming artists to masters in the field, whose work has achieved them international acclaim. Performances include:

Alexis. Greek Tragedy (running till 1/14), a play that follows the death of Alexandros Grigoropoulos and the civil protests that follow in Greece, from the Italian theater group Motus. Playing at La MaMa E.T.C.’s Ellen Stewart Theater.

And from Turkey, Lick But Don’t Swallow! (running till 1/15), an existential comedy about an angel who finds herself in the body of a porn star. Playing at La MaMa E.T.C.’s First Floor Theater.

All the way from Poland, In the Solitude of Cotton Fields (running till 1/14), an interpretation of Bernard Marie Koltes’ work played to the sound of Eastern European punk rock. Playing at La MaMa E.T.C.’s The Club.

General Admission tickets to Under the Radar events happening at La MaMa E.T.C. may be purchased at 10% off the original price with the FAB Deals (click view details for each event), and, if you visit the FAB Cafe post-show and show your program from any Under the Radar Event, you can even get 10% off your purchase.

Make sure to mark you calendars for the Under the Radar Festival for a taste of art and culture from around the world!

By Alec Mateo