Cooper Square Committee Meeting and Potluck!

Cooper Square Committee is having their next membership meeting and potluck dinner on Wednesday, Feb. 15th! The meeting will take place at 6:30 pm at 59-61 E. 4th Street, 4th floor loft. New members are welcome, so put it on your calendar and join in. Discussions about new initiatives (greening, developing affordable housing), and the looming threat of budget cuts. Help Cooper Square Committee remain a progressive force in our community.

All community members are welcome. Join the meeting and become a CSC member for just $1!

Chef Danny checks out a map of the Fourth Arts Block while waiting for Culture Nosh to Commence

Culture Nosh – A Recap of Festivities and Flavors

Last Thursday at 7pm, FABnyc had the pleasure of co-hosting East Village Eats: Culture Nosh, a fusion of local flavors hosted by the Whole Foods Market’s Bowery Culinary Center.

Chef Danny checks out a map of the Fourth Arts Block while waiting for Culture Nosh to commence.

Culture Nosh chefs pre-gaming for an evening of eating.

This special Chef Demonstration and Tasting served as a benefit for FABnyc, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to participate in the culinary experience provided by the likes of Tom Birchard, owner of Veselka; Danny Mena, Chef-Owner of Hecho en Dumbo; and Scott Morris, Executive Chef of Mama’s Food Shop. (See the links to read our special features on each of the restaurants!) Culinary Center Director Min Liao, Culinary Center Educator Wai Chu, and FABnyc’s Executive Director Tamara Greenfield kicked off the evening by presenting the fabulous chefs and giving the crowd a taste of what lay in store…

Tom Birchard, Chef Michael Sullivan, and Manager Anthony Rotella, from the new Veselka Bowery, took the stage first, starting us off with homemade pirogis and potato latkes.

Attendees of the event were gifted with instructions on how to make latkes, and one lucky winner even went home with a much coveted Veselka Cookbook!

While Chef Michael cooked up a storm, Tom shared some of his personal history and experience in the East Village, describing how he came to the neighborhood and worked in Veselka as a young man.

Tom articulated how the East Village community, and Veselka itself, transformed over the course of multiple decades and told of how he became the owner of Veselka through his father-in-law, Veselka founder Wolodymyr Darmochwal.

(Visit Veselka’s website to read more of restaurants fascinating history!)

Veselka's Origional Founder

Though pirogis and potato latkes were filling, we were still hungry for more. Luckily, Chef Danny Mena of Hecho en Dumbo was up next to cook us tantalizing Mexican antojitos. 

Seafood Ceviche on a Whole Foods compostable tasting plate - Props for sustainability!

Danny started off by preparing some Mexican blood sausage. He described to us the consistency of this dish, for which he then pressed traditional handmade corn tortillas and added fresh salsa. Mmm! The smell of cooking tortillas filled the room, as we waited for their chance to try this delectable, savory treat.

Danny also elaborated on the methods for preparing ceviche with lime juice, topping off this demonstration by serving some beautiful Tostada Gaonera with seafood ceviche and spicy lime-clamato juice.The presentation was impeccable!

Chef Scott Morris of Mama’s Food Shop finished out the evening with some tasty home-cooking: bacon-wrapped meatloaf, and fennel, celery, and apple salad. As we munched on our healthy and hearty samples, Mama’s Food Shop owner, Jeremiah Clancy spoke about how he came to own Mama’s.

Folks from Mama's Food Shop: Chef Scott and Owner Jeremiah chat with noshers...

The original “Mama,” he confided, was, in fact, a robust Italian gentleman, and Jeremiah (a former photography student at NYU Tisch) took over the business from “Mama” after working in the restaurant during college.

Min passes out delicious bites!

As the festivities drew to a close and Culture Noshers finished off their final round of samples, Tamara Greenfield gave all chefs, participants, and Whole Foods’ feast facilitators, Min and Wai, a big thank you for putting this culinary experience together.



We from FABnyc are so thankful for everyone who came out to experience these unique flavors from the East Village, and we look forward to bringing New York City even more East Village Eats!


COIL ’12 Festival Draws to a Close with Deals

This week, FABnyc is bringing you special FAB Deals for to two special shows that highlight two distinct aspects of American society and culture…

Mission Drift makes its U.S. debut, offering New York audiences on a journey to discover the “soul off American capitalism.” This award winning show has received much critical acclaim, being described by The Village Voice as; “The liveliest lesson on desire, destruction, and economics that you’ll see in many a year” and The Financial Times as, “A lush panorama of contemporary Americana.”

Use code: FAB15 to get $15 tickets for February 1st and 2nd shows at 8pm! (normal price $25)


Newyorkland blends mediums to create a window into the lives NYPD police officers, providing a visceral peek at the secretive, and often times frightening, world of the NYPD.
The journey of four police officers is masterfully told in a blend of cinéma vérité, performance, and visual art that critics are describing as, “[A] hypnotic and sumptuous theatrical presentation… [A] wonderful palliative for those who need a break from the tyranny of straightforward narrative storytelling.”  – Seattlest

Use code: FAB10 to get $10 tickets for February 1st and 2nd shows at  7:30pm!  (normal price $20)

Henry Miller Helps FABnyc Keep New Years Resolutions

Yesterday, New York State Council on the Arts shared a special excerpt of Henry Miller Miscellenea, Work Schedule, 1932-1933:

"As we all begin a new week of creativity, something to keep in mind..." - New York State Council on the Arts













Today, we’ve discovered a bit more Miller to fodder our creative work:

Henry Miller Pt. 2

As we read over Miller’s insights, we couldn’t help but think back to our own New Year’s Resolutions (in which we resolve to “attend more art openings” and “meet friends for coffee more often”).

Though not as profound as Miller’s “Work Schedule,” our resolutions certainly beg some action, and we’re determined to see them through! Thanks to NYSCA and Miller for the inspiration.

Be sure to let us know what inspires you to move forward in 2012!

FAB Minute: Brad Burgess & The History Of The World

You can participate in the the Living Theater’s debut of THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, along with an an international ensemble of 25 actors, singers, dancers and musicians. Come watch, participate, and consider the questions: Who are you in history? In the execution of Socrates? In the crucifixion of Jesus? And finally: Who are you in the Beautiful Non-Violent Anarchist Revolution yet to come!

FABnyc sat down with Brad Burgess, Executive Producer of The Living Theater, to hear more about the show. Watch below:

YouTube Preview Image


FAB Deal!
Get %50 off general admission to History Of The World using the code MAKEHISTORY. Tickets are also available by donation Wednesdays & Thursdays.

3 East Village Shows You Can’t Miss…

Take a look at our recommendation of plays currently showing in the East Village:

When it comes to social justice, do you feel like your country is a near-blind man, feeling in the dark for his glasses? You’re not alone. Come and join the Red Fern Theatre Company investigate democracy with Created Equal, an evening of new one-act plays set against the backdrop of the 2012 elections. All theatre is not created equal, but Created Equal is sure to take your breath away, and make you think in the process.
Continue reading

Culture Nosh Countdown: Veselka

Veselka is the Ukrainian word for “rainbow.” It is also a restaurant with as much color, zest, and variety as its name suggests, not to mention two locations: Veselka and the newly opened Veselka Bowery!
The original Veselka is half a century old, and has quite the history; it was founded in 1954 and since then it has catered to the East Village culture. Its menu is as creative as its customers, featuring staple options such as “Madame Alexander,” “Just a Veggie Burger,” and “Raspberry Pancakes” (as well as its famed blintzes and pirogis). Tom Birchard, owner of Veselka, will be an Instructor at FABnyc‘s flavorful evening benefit, East Village: Eats Culture Nosh, tonight at 7 P.M. No one can say “no” to the gustatory rainbow at Veselka. It’s that good. Be sure to drop by the new Veselka Bowery (featured in all images) after Culture Nosh for even more delectable proof!
Written by Molly Kirschner
Edited by Hannah Krafcik
Photos by Elene Mekete

FAB Deal: $5 Off The Neo-Futurists!

The latest FAB Deal offers $5 off tickets to  The Complete and Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O’Neill by The Neo-Futurists! This highly-anticipated performance is not to be missed. The New York Times describes it as “An impish illustration of how lively entertainment can be created from theatrical spare parts.”. In order to use the FAB Deal, be sure to use discount code EUGSTD when purchasing tickets.




Menders Renders Mending Wall – by Flux Theater Company


Love to get lost in Robert Frost? Come see “Mending Wall” rendered on stage in Menders, a production by Flux Theatre Ensemble, playing at 243 Thompson Street.

This classic dystopian show takes place in a world post-poetry, in an isolated community. It is the story of two precocious cousins who learn the secrets of the past through the stories of their supervisor. As these stories of winged women and starcatchers take shape and penetrate reality, the young female protagonist struggles between what she is allowed to know and what she wants to discover.

Still more she struggles between duty and loyalty. “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall/ That wants it down.” (“Mending Wall,” by Robert Frost)

By Molly Kirschner