FRIGID FAB Minute: Edmond Malin

Edmond Malin is participating in this year’s FRIGID New York Festival with his show Judge, Yuri & Executioner, a solo performance starring an 85 year-old masochist named Zack (Mac Rogers). FABnyc sat down with Edmond in the FAB Cafe to chat about this bittersweet tale, so watch and learn more!

YouTube Preview Image

What is his next move?
What can any of us do to change or lives?
Find out why it’s so liberating to watch this show…

Showtimes for Judge, Yuri & Executioner:

Feb 23, 8:00PM
Feb 24, 11:00PM
Feb 26, 12:30PM
Mar 01, 9:30PM
Mar 03, 8:00PM


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