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FringeNYC on Fourth

As you can see, we’ve been posting FAB minutes to help raise awareness and promote FringeNYC on Fourth shows. But with over 50 pieces performing on 4th St between 2nd Ave & Bowery, we thought we’d put together a basic list of host theaters and FringeNYC shows happening on the block so that you can get an idea of all the works & events available to you.

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Nat Cassidy is in the HOUSE!

Here is the 6th installment of the FAB Minutes – FringeNYC on Fourth Edition.

We sit down with Nat Cassidy at the FAB Cafe to talk about his play, ‘Eternal Husband,’ and to hear his thoughts on FringeNYC 2011!

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A bevy of cast members, the director and producer of The Bardy Bunch give us the inside scoop!

Here is the 5th installment of the FAB minutes – FringeNYC on Fourth Edition.

A bevy of cast members, the director and producer of The Bardy Bunch occupied the entrance to La MaMa to talk with us about their play and all the delights it can bring.

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Jackie Ruggiero Jacobson discusses her new play American Mud

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Here is the 4th installment of the FAB minutes – FringeNYC on Fourth Edition.

Jackie Ruggiero Jacobson  stopped by the FAB Cafe to talk with us about her new play and what we should expect.

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Pop Up FAB

The FAB Cafe sets up shop at a whole new location! For the duration of fringeNYC, you can find one of our southern sweetpeas, Will Myrick, at 45 Bleeker Street. Home to the multiuse, hybrid complex, that strives to utilize its space every hour of the day, 45 Bleeker Street will have us parked in the basement serving up sweets and treats!

WATCH OUR VIDEO! And find out more of what Erica and Will have to say.

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FAB Reads the Daily Candy!

Oh! Yes, we do… And to our wonderment, there lives a maker of insatiable treats right here in the East Village! Inside her own home kitchen, Anna Beth Weber, owner of Verily Baked Goods, can be found making lemons into lemon meringue lavender cake.

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41 Cooper Square Shines Bright!

As FAB plugs away on efforts to make E. 4th Street the ‘Model Block’ for sustainability, we are greatly interested in knowing what our own neighbors are up to. Beaming from around the corner is the silver-cloaked, Platinum LEED Certified 41 Cooper Square. Awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council, this certification provides “a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions” (USGBC).

Photography by Mario Morgado

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Mel Paterson from the FAB Cafe!

Baristas are not just baristas anymore. Melanie Paterson is one lovely gal. Her greetings to you behind the counter are always swooned by a rush of good hospitality. The same aura that she presents at the cafe is also expressed through her artwork.

Mel in a mask she made recently

“It is my feeling that art brings into physical material the deeper layers
 of our life experience. It can show us what is within ourselves that we may not 
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Hemingway and the East Village

Hemingway was born July 21, 1899, and with New York Theatre Workshop and Elevator Repair Service presenting The Select (The Sun Also Rises) right here on 4th street, we’re wondering what Ernest’s got to do with the East Village.

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