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A Spotlight on Backhouses

Backhouses can be found in neighborhoods all across the city, but most don’t know the history behind these charming homes. The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation’s blog is aiming to spread some light with one of their latest posts.

“There are literally scores of these structures throughout our neighborhoods, but almost none are visible from the street, and therefore most are virtually unknown to anyone other than their residents and immediate neighbors.”

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Interview with Christina Mazzalupo

Christina Mazzalupo is the next artist featured at the FAB cafe.  Please join us for the opening reception on December 1st from 6:00- 8:00pm!

The exhibit will be up from 12/1/2011 through 1/30/12.

Check out an interview about her work:

1)  How would you describe the work that you will be presenting at the FAB cafe gallery?

I will be showing a small selection of 12”x12” graphite on paper portraits I did of some people I feel were excellent on various levels.

2)  What is your role as an artist in today’s society?

I enjoy researching topics I find interesting and turning my findings into visual data. I find this to be an ideal way to share information.  I do not feel that I have a specific role as an artist, but my hope is to create works that trigger an interest in the viewer and perhaps inspires a handful of them to spend some time looking deeper into topics they find engaging. If, as an artist, my work can nourish others in some way, then I am doing my job to my satisfaction.

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FAB Minute: La Mama La Galleria

FABnyc stopped by La Mama La Galleria to speak to the Gallery Director, Matt Nasser. Matt gave some history about La Mama La Galleria and also shared his thoughts on the upcoming Artist Alley @ Extra Place taking place Saturday, November 19th. He noted that Artist Alley @ Extra Place is “an extension of [the] concept of ‘What is art?’” and will open the door for more creativity and conversation.

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La Mama Galleria is currently gearing up for MIXploratorium, an exhibition presented by MIX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival and The Department of Transformation Queer Arts Collective. Standby for an upcoming post to learn more about MIXploratorium!

La MaMa La Galleria

6 East 1st Street, between Bowery and 2nd Avenue.
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Electronic Waste Recycling Options!

Did you miss FABnyc’s Load OUT! event? Wondering where you can recycle your electronic waste? Lower East Side Ecology Center has many opportunities lined up to help you out. Be sure to check out their website to see all of the e-waste recycling events. You can view the full list of dates and details here.

Stories Behind Load OUT!

Thank you to all those who joined us for Load OUT! this past weekend. We had a great event and got the chance to talk to people who walked away with items from the lot. Be sure to check the blog in the next few days to meet more of the attendees we spoke to and hear the stories behind how they’ll be putting their items to use! Click here to learn more about Load OUT!

Name: Ryan

Organization: City Parks and Recreation

Items: Costumes and puppets.

“We’re going to utilize the costumes for children at a new park that’s been built to encourage children to be independent and play amongst themselves. The puppets and costumes will help to promote the use of their creativity.”

Open Mike, Insert Verse

Check out this awesome blog in the NY Times! It highlights the contrasts between performance poetry and poetry readings in NYC – a  must read! :)

“WHEN you imagine a poetry reading, the scene that comes to mind probably doesn’t involve battalions of underwear-slinging admirers. Poetry is supposed to be dusty stuff, the reading of which can inspire even a hyperactive 4-year-old to go gentle into that good nap. And yet here is Dylan Thomas’s wife, Caitlin, describing her husband’s famous 1953 performances at the Poetry Center in New York, now part of the 92nd Street Y, “I used to come in late and hear, through the mikes, the breath-strained panting … booming blue thunder into the teenagers’ delighted bras and briefs.”

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3 2′s; or AFAR

Go see a new play by Mac Wellman which opens at Dixon Place this Thursday!

Here is an interview between FAB and Mr.Wellman:

FAB: What is your new play about?

MW: (3 2′s; or AFAR is) about a number of things: a) How difficult it is to talk about what is closer than close, so urgent the words fail us; b) how easy it is to misread the minds and hearts of others, the more urgent we wish to the more difficult it all becomes; c) how easy it is to misunderstand the simplest kinds of moods and gestures.

FAB: What do you believe your role is as a playwright in today’s society?

At this point in my career, such as it is, I feel the need to raise questions, especially ones no one else seems interested in.  (After a certain age no one should attempt any task they know how to accomplish….)

FAB:  How does this work differ from your previous work, if at all?

MW:  It is very different from any of my earlier works, in that I am exploring storytelling more (being fed-up with most of narrative clichés and plot-tricks that plague our theater in These States–) the play is like a three dimensional chess game, things are told out of the familiar time-continuum, and events merge or fade into others.  In Heideggerian terms:  Every time something is revealed, something else is concealed and vice-versa.

FAB What inspired you to write this play?

MAC:  I’ve read Heidegger on and off all my life, but more as a hobby, a pastime.  The “Dialogue on Language — between a Japanese and an Inquirer”  seemed especially fascinating and formally elegant, very theatrical.  But it has been a devil of a time to work with it, and make a play that might appeal to ordinary people.

Sounds great!  We can’t wait to see it.  Check out the Facebook Event for more info!